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President Message

The sun rises and sets as the day passes. Since its founding in 1958, DFE has upheld the spirit of "live to innovate", fulfilled the historical mission of "create value for customers and society", and witnessed a leap of China's power industry from mechanical grid and grid equipment automation to automation grid and smart grid.

As a key domestic supplier of energy management system solutions, DFE has grown into an enterprise covering the three fields of energy connection, smart city and energy conservation and environmental protection after nearly 40 years of development. In recent years, DFE has stepped up research and application in fields such as cloud, big data, AI, mobile internet and intelligent terminal, and sped up development in fields such as energy connection, power market, power distribution network and comprehensive energy development based on "automation + IT + internet + environmental protection and energy conservation". It has also undertaken a number of major national projects and tasks of power supply for national political events, completed important development projects in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and China Southern Power Grid (CSG), and actively responded to and duly followed up the construction of SGCC's ubiquitous power IoT and CSG's digital power grid. Additionally, it made targeted innovation in areas such as concept, system, culture, technology, management, process and model with a customer-centric approach and comprehensively perceived customer needs and market changes. It passed customer needs to every link of the company, progressed with customers with its core competitiveness such as leading technology, reliable quality and cost control, and created greater value for customers, shareholders, employees and the society.

DFE has adhered to human orientation and integrated the learning ability of all employees into the business process based on customer needs. It made the best of employee strengths and placed the most suitable employees in the most proper positions, ensuring that employees can work and live happily.

The future of competition lies in technology and innovation ability. DFE has always place technology innovation in the first place. While the new era, new ecological environment, as well as new political and economic environment have brought us new challenges, they have also generated new opportunities, new responsibilities, and new commitments for us. In the future, DFE will continue its in-depth research in fields such as power IoT, digital power grid, comprehensive energy management, smart city, cloud service and big data focusing on holographic perception, ubiquitous access and integrated innovation; strengthen targeted innovation in concept, thinking way, technology, product, platform and application; and promote the sustained growth of relevant industries through innovation.

With a history of more than 60 years, DFE will stay true to its mission and embark on a new journey by facing the future at a new historical starting point. With the spirit of "live to innovate", 7,900 DFE people will assume their responsibility with courage, dare to be the first, innovate and continue to progress, aiming to build a world-class and century-old enterprise with unremitting efforts!